where it is possible to purchase a company with advanced technology, in whole or in two organized parts.

The liquidators of FOBOS INVEST sp. z o.o. in liquidation with its registered office in Sztum,

ul. Żeromskiego 6, 82-400 Sztum,

announce an open, verbal tender for the sale of the Company FOBOS INVEST Sp. z o.o. in liquidation, ul. Żeromskiego 6, 82-400 Sztum in its entirety (excluding receivables and cash) with the assumption of all employees (in accordance with Article 23 of the Labour Code). Any liabilities of FOBOS INVEST existing as of the date of the sale will be paid directly from the sale price. The company consists of two independent complexes  (complex "A" and complex "B") of 13 separate real estates with the total area of land of 5.0716 ha, with buildings of the total built-up area of 9,372 m2 and the usable area of 8,524 m2, located on both sides of Żeromskiego Street in Sztum, modern production lines for food packaging and fully equipped office facilities.

The Company, with its modern management style, currently conducts business activities in the food packaging sector by "co-manufacturing" products with Company’s customers. Components supplied by customers such as the biggest corporations in the food industry, are processed and packed into unit packs. Our production lines allow us to pack products of various shapes, weights and structures - for example: gum, candies, biscuits, chocolate products, tea, coffee, cereal, powdered drinks in foil packaging of the bag, doypack, pouch, stick, flowpack (in-pack and on-pack) and plastic and metal containers of various types.

The tender of the Company or its organized parts shall be held on 17 November 2021 in the Notary's Office of Piotr Lis, 80-221 Gdańsk, Romuald Traugutta 111, at 1 p.m.

- The starting price of the company as a whole amounts to PLN 12.00.000,00 PLN. The tendered amount is not subject to VAT.

- The starting price of the complex "A" is: PLN 5,000,000.00 The auctioned amount is not subject to VAT.

- The starting price of the complex "B" is: PLN 7,000,000.00 The bid amount is not subject to VAT.

IN each of abominations cases The condition of participation in the tender is payment of a tender bond in the amount of PLN 400,000.00 by 15 November, 2021.

Attention. In case of simultaneous submission of bids for purchase of the company as a whole or any of its organized parts (complex “A” or “B”, in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Procedure, priority of purchase falls to the bid submitted for purchase of the company as a whole.

The detailed rules of the tender procedure, including the procedure for submitting tenders and a list of the company's components included in the tender, can be found at:

Contact regarding the tender: phone: +48 504 165 934 phone: +48 603 053 532

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